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Vacant Jobs

Vacant Jobs

Check out the links below to see some entry level mining positions that Minedex has come across:


Indigenous Only – Trainee Drillers Offsider – Posted 23/01/2020

Entry Level Drillers Offsider – Underground Diamond Role – Posted 21/01/2020

Entry Level Drillers Labourers – Posted 21/01/2020

Entry Level Drillers Offsider – Exploration Role – Posted 20/01/2020

Laboratory Assistant – Posted 20/02/2020

Entry level – Dump Truck Driver – Indigenous Identified – Posted 19/01/2020

Entry Level Opportunities | Mining Maintenance – Posted 17/01/2020

Drillers Offsiders – Posted 17/01/2020

FIFO Oil & Gas Operator (Experienced and Entry Level) – Posted 14/01/2020

Waterwell Drillers/Experienced Driller’s Offsiders, Entry Level Offsiders – Posted 14/01/2020

Drillers Offsider | Underground/Surface/Geotech | DIDO from Dubbo – Posted 13/01/2020

Drillers Offsider – Posted 13/01/2020

Drillers Offsiders – ENTRY LEVEL – Posted 06/01/2020

Blast Crew Operator – Posted 09/12/2019


Please note: Minedex does not guarantee that these links will still be active when you are trying to view them. If this is the case, it is likely that these positions are no longer being advertised.


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