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Welcome to the Minedex resume service. We’re here to ensure that your resume gives you the best shot possible at landing your dream Mining job. With three different styles to choose from & a 24 hour turn around, we’re here to help.

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3 Templates are available for you to choose from:

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Career Summary

A career summary sums up what you have to offer, a brief summary of your skills, experience and ambitions as they relate to a particular role. This is your opportunity to really sell yourself, so needs to catch the eye of the recruiter. A profile should be between 1 & 4 sentences, and only include details relevant to the role you are applying for, and focus on the future. We have provided some examples below, however a quick google search will provide more

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These need to be relevant to the role you are applying for and can include practical skills such as keyboard skills, and soft skills, such as ‘leadership.’ Wherever possible use examples, such as; "A competent and equitable leader, I was elected captain of my soccer team in university."

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Career History

Check your dates are correct for each of your roles. If you have had any time out of the workforce for any reason, it is better to include this in your resume.

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