Career Assesment

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As a job seeker in today’s job market, it is more important than ever to have greater self-awareness of you, your strengths and capabilities and how these align with your interests, strengths and potential careers.

Minedex have partnered with a career assessment group, Harrison Assessments, an online assessment tool which can assist in aligning your career choice with your interests, strengths, personality and the things you like doing. These assessments are based on extensive research and 25+ years of experience.

The reports offered are;

  • Your Greatest Strengths – Provides knowledge and guidance and an in depth understanding of strengths.
  • Career Options – Ranks the career you would enjoy the most as well as the level of suitability and likely success.
  • Career Development – Assists with achieving a more fulfilling and successful career. Reveals career strengths, potential career derailers, important motivational factors and other insights.
  • Career Enjoyment Analysis – Enables greater understanding of why you would like/dislike a particular career.
  • Career Package – All of the above and provides access to Career Navigator where the career results are sorted according to your level of enjoyment and where you would achieve greatest results.
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