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Online job fairs, FMG and the US Election

Online job fairs, FMG and the US Election < >

  • November 18, 2016 | 6:31 am
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Mining Employment

Career Fairs

It isn’t always possible for jobseekers or graduates to attend a job fair. I recently discovered an online job fair where people can interact, ask questions, download information and achieve much the same as you could at an in-person job fair.

There have been a few in Australia in recent years, hosted by online job sites and universities. It really is just a matter of time until they take off for all industries.

In the meantime, make sure you are reviewing our Facebook page for stories about new operations, career development and general mining news.


Mining News

During the past week, about FMG and their use of innovation to cut costs. (

“FMG has slashed its C1 costs since FY13 by 67%” 

Gone are the days when passengers of planes flying to mine sites in the Pilbara were mostly truck drivers.  Companies like FMG, Rio and BHP are all adopting driverless trucks.

Christmas Creek Mine is FMG’s first operation to be fully remotely operated. The cost savings come from improvements in production and lower maintenance costs, as the trucks are run more efficiently.  A reduction in flights and accommodation costs on site also contribute to cost savings.

There is no down time for the trucks for lunch breaks and shift change. Most truck drivers have been or can be retrained to operate driverless trucks. They are doing it from several thousand kilometres away with a joystick instead of getting behind the wheel.

Check out this animated video on YouTube of cabless automated trucks.

Mining facts and stats

I was looking for info on career fairs and came upon an article I thought worth sharing.  It was printed back in 2012, but the advice is still relevant today.

You can’t just walk off the street and get a high-paying mining job, applicants must have suitable skills.”

“The reality is that you need to put some time and effort into it, research the particular role, tailor your resume to suit the role that’s on offer and follow up, give the employer a call.”


US Election

I couldn’t let the result of the US election pass without commenting. After reading multiple articles, listening to various news stories and talking to connections in the mining industry, it is difficult to find positive commentary about the long-term ramifications of Donald Trump’s election.

What is obvious is he will put the USA first and do what is best for the USA, regardless of impact on other economies across the globe.

As for job opportunities in Australia, the mining industry having come through a GFC and the more recent downturn, will continue to be a significant employer.

We all have time to take a collective breath before the inauguration in January and hopefully in that time policies and plans become clearer. Remember there have already been a few changes to statements and promises made during the campaign so it is likely we will see more changes and the outcomes not as dire as many predict.