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Category Archives: Employment Tips

What is the starting salary for an unskilled mineworker?

What is a fair wage for an unskilled mining worker? Before we look at what an entry-level employee could receive, let’s go back a step and look at the salaries of people with between six months and two years’ Australian mining industry experience. First, it’s worth noting that these salaries vary depending on: The commodity..

How to get a leg up in your mining career: Study

Have you considered going back to study? Intakes in mining university courses have dropped considerably in the last few years, with graduate numbers predicted to be at all-time lows in 2020. There has also been a decline in apprenticeship numbers in recent years. Yet the state of the industry is continuing to improve — mining..

How to deal with a bad supervisor in a mining job

A lot of what we do here at Minedex is keeping you up to date with the information you need about getting your start in the mining industry. With the industry gaining momentum, let’s take a look at the difficult situation – once you have landed a job – of working with a bad supervisor…

What does the mining jobs boom mean for entry-level candidates?

The SEEK report came out a few weeks ago reporting a 34% growth in mining, resources and energy job advertisements in the 12 months to May 2018. Exactly where are these roles, and what will this growth mean for those looking to get a start in the industry? The Role Growth chart in this article..

Excuses, lies and failures: How NOT to win the job

With more than 30 years of recruitment experience between us, there aren’t too many excuses we haven’t heard from applicants who failed part of the recruitment process. Whether it be a failed drug and alcohol screening, failure to disclose something, or an excuse as to why someone was dismissed, we’ve heard them all. Here’s how,..

Should I do a dump truck training course?

“Should I do a dump truck driver’s training course?” It is one of the most common questions from people wanting to get a start in the mining and resources industry during boom periods. It seemed straightforward enough: a two-day course, a few applications and voila – a FIFO job earning a six-figure salary was yours!..

Your job application: from submission to starting work

You’ve found a role you want to apply for. What happens next? We wanted to demystify the application process for mining jobs in Australia. Not every company treats this process exactly the same, but these are some of the common stages you are likely to encounter and what to expect at each stage. Applying for..