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Online job fairs, FMG and the US Election

Mining Employment Career Fairs It isn’t always possible for jobseekers or graduates to attend a job fair. I recently discovered an online job fair where people can interact, ask questions, download information and achieve much the same as you could at an in-person job fair. There have been a few in Australia in recent years,..

Don’t blow your first impression.

Mining Employment What you need to be aware of when looking for a role? I caught up with a few old colleagues last week, and could not believe what they were telling me. It seems despite all the information on line about ensuring you make a good first impression, there are still job seekers out..

Coal bounces back and how to get your application noticed.

Mining Employment Getting your application noticed A quick Google search of ‘get your job application noticed’ brings up a large number of ideas. Options range from name dropping (we prefer networking), to researching what the company’s challenges are and addressing how you, the applicant, can assist in overcoming them. All great ideas, if you have..

Mining on the rebound & industry diversity.

Mining employment In our ‘You and mining’ page, we cover off on some common rules on site and one of these is fitness for work. The use of drugs and alcohol is monitored in the mining industry through breath and urine testing and a positive result for any substance usually results in instant dismissal. There..

Good mining news stories.

Mining Employment We posted an article to Facebook about areas in Australia with the highest unemployment rate (and the lowest) a few weeks ago. If you missed it here is a link; Where unemployment is lowest in Australia, and where it’s highest. It really is no surprise that some of the locations are places where..

Where were the jobs in 2015, ABS and a look at Nickel.

Mining Employment In our E-books we discuss ways to get a start in the industry from utilising social media platforms, to learning about roles in mining, expanding your network and how to approach hiring managers and decision makers. We also recently upgraded our website to include job descriptions of positions that people have obtained to..

What is the hidden job market?

Mining employment What is the hidden job market? A lot is written these days about the hidden job market, but what is it? Why is it important? And is it really any different to the old age adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” The hidden job market is a term used..

Diggers, Planning and Iron Ore stats and facts.

Diggers and Dealers update Diggers and Dealers is an annual mining conference held in Kalgoorlie with around 1200 mining industry representatives in attendance – we’ve been posting articles to our Facebook page, but thought a quick summary here would assist. The general consensus from this year’s conference is definitely the worst is over, but companies..

Networking is an important part of job hunting in the current market.

Mining Employment Networking is an important part of job hunting in the current market. We talk about networking, the power of your network and ways to tap into your networks to gain a start in the industry in one of our E-books. It’s how I got my start and it is how many of the..

Our take on the mining industry.

Mining Industry During the federal election campaign, much was said about the required transition to shift away from the ‘reliance’ on the mining industry and to move to a multi-tiered economy. I found this ironic as the first quarter of 2016 (with low iron ore prices) the GDP peaked at an all-time high since records..

What happens when a mine closes?

Mining Employment How would you rate your science and maths ability? Malcolm Turnbull announced this week that if elected, he would make science and maths compulsory for every student completing high school. Both subjects are compulsory to Year 10, but not for year 11 and 12. I will admit that the things I learnt in..

Is the new boom beginning?

Mining Employment Many are saying the mining industry has turned the corner and is approaching the beginning of a new boom. Predictions are that exploration will begin to increase and new companies floated on the ASX. Of course, I am not a financial whiz, but if history can be used as a predictor then job..

Could you live in a Mining town?

Mining Employment This week I caught up with some of my old recruiting colleagues and asked them for a list of key things they would look for in a resume when they are looking to hire people in to an entry level role (and not just necessarily in mining). Here are their top 10: A..

Friday the 13th…

Friday 13th May First off, thank you to everyone who responded to our survey from the last Blog. Here at Minedex, we are keen to meet the needs of our members, so your feedback is important. If you have not already, next time you are on Facebook, head over to our page and follow us…

What happens when a mine closes??

Mining Facts and Stats The downside of mining… In the current times, mining companies are meant to rehabilitate old sites or in some cases they are required to pay a percentage of their profits into a mining rehabilitation fund so the tax payers are not left funding the cost. These types of initiatives have been..

The dirt on Coal…

Your Health & Safety In the past few weeks I received a personal reminder of the dangers of mining and I felt it timely to talk to you about safety, health and environment. The mining industry is highly controlled and regulated with government legislation in place and regulatory bodies in each state and territory in..

Fools Gold…

Fool’s Gold The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, is known as ‘Fool’s Gold’ and is an iron sulphide. The mineral has a metallic lustre and a pale brass yellow hue, which gives it a superficial resemblance to gold. Fool’s Gold is sometimes found in association with small quantities of actual Gold.  And many a person..

The luck of the Irish…

Happy St Patricks Day. The Mining Industry of Australia has many Irish to be thankful to and the fact they picked Australia in the 1800’s as their destination. They certainly bought The Luck of the Irish with them. During the height of the Gold Rush in Victoria, estimates are there were some 100,000 Irish working..

Think you could be a Drillers Offsider?

Have you ever considered the variety of roles on offer in the mining industry? From greenfields exploration roles, through to rehabilitating old mine sites, the skills, qualifications and experience needed for each of the stages is as diverse as the locations this industry operates in. Over the coming months, we will start to profile some..

Diary of a FIFO Worker…

Mining Employment & Mining News Jobs Outlook  Over recent weeks there have been a few queries to the info email account about the job market, what the outlook is, and what do we think will happen in the next few years. This is a multi-tiered answer and there is certainly no ‘one size fits all…..’..

What skills and qualifications will be in demand in the future?

Mining Employment 20 years ago, the need for remote controlled underground earthmoving equipment came about because of the dangers of underground mining. Nowadays, with entire fleets controlled remotely from a control room several thousand kilometres away, technology will certainly play a big part in the future of mining. But what will the roles of the..

Will resumes be relegated to the rubbish pile in years to come?

Hello and welcome to the first blog for 2016… I spent some time over the break reviewing research from the US on job search techniques and one of the topics was resumes and the question; will resumes be relegated to the rubbish pile in years to come? Having considered this with some colleagues and friends..

A Christmas Gift..

I am sure at one time or another you’ve been frustrated by recruiters. You may feel you have been let down because you didn’t hear back about an application, or they tell you there is nothing available, but then you look at their website and there are roles you feel you should be considered for…

Jobs in Mining …

Jobs in mining are still out there. I read a few months back, that according to the Australian Government Department of Employment, the numbers of jobs in the mining industry are going to decrease over the 5 years from Nov 2014 to Nov 2019. But, this was always going to occur as the industry has..

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