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The best Australian towns for entry-level mining jobs

Mining is on the up and mining companies are once again hiring. It’s not just skilled labour they’re chasing, either: there has been an increase in the number of entry-level roles available, too. Generally, these are residential roles. So, are you ready to move to the bush to get an entry-level mining job? In this..

Is the future of mining predicted in cartoons?

It’s fair to say that mining has seen more incredible change in the last 20 years than it had in the entire century before that. Real-time data, automation and autonomous vehicles are now standard on many sites. According to this article from 85 per cent of the jobs we’ll be doing in 2030 are..

Pick the right mining training course for you.

We’ve been asked whether we recommend any industry training courses to help candidates get mining jobs. I’m afraid we don’t. As you can imagine, there are a lot of courses on offer. A Google search of “mining courses Australia” returns over nine million results. Most are expensive. There are even courses on offer that are..

11 of the best-paid jobs in mining and resources

Seek’s 2016 salary survey found the highest-paying industry was still the mining, resources and energy sector. Given the diversity of roles in the industry, what jobs offer the best return on training? Interested in going to university to make this happen? Here is a breakdown of a few roles in the industry and examples of..

A lighthearted look at essential mining skills

I recently came across an article highlighting essential life skills every person should have to live a successful life. I thought it was a pointless article but it inspired me to come up with a list of essential skills and a tongue-in-cheek explanation on how to be successful in a mining career. Networking A well-established..

How is mining automation affecting job prospects?

As more companies move towards automation, what impact is it having on employment opportunities in the mining industry? We find out. First, though, let’s look at automation and how trucks operate. It’s impressive technology. They actually use precision GPS to find their way around and use radar and laser sensors to look out for obstacles…

What are you doing to get a job in mining?

There are thousands of articles online about the best ways to get a job, but nearly all of them are for people with experience in an industry. So we’ve done the research for you and created a list we believe will give you the best opportunity for a start in the mining and resources industry…

The benefits of mining to everyday life, everywhere

Mining has always had its critics. There are groups who believe mining in certain locations, or mining some commodities, should be banned. There are also groups who believe the damage mining causes to the environment justifies it being banned entirely.  Throw climate change protest groups into the mix and the number of people opposed to..

Mining industry pay and conditions depend on experience

There are greenshoots in the mining industry and one of these early signs of recovery is an increase in mining companies job advertisements. What does that mean for mining industry employees, and those hoping to gain a start? During times of skills shortages in any industry, employers need to be creative in how they attract..

Here’s how mining is part of your everyday life

When people think about the resources sector in Australia, most think about iron ore, gold and coal; however, Australia is also in the world’s top five exporters for bauxite, alumina and zinc. So, what are we digging it all up for? Well, not all commodities are used to make cars, phones, computers and the like..

The 2 big questions everyone asks about mining jobs

There are two big questions we get asked all the time by candidates wanting to get a start in the mining industry. Today, we’re hoping to answer those questions for you. Will, I be earning $100,000 a year straightaway? There are definitely opportunities to earn large salaries in the mining industry but, take note, whatever..

What do the 457 visa changes mean to me?

The Australian Federal Government announced changes to the 457 visa on Tuesday, April 18. According to this article on the ABC website, visa numbers have already dropped considerably since earlier changes to these laws were implemented in 2013. A 457 visa was for employers to employ skilled foreign workers where it was difficult to find..

10 tips to maintain a good reputation in mining

The mining industry is made up of a diverse and eclectic mix of characters. In my career, I would estimate I have spoken to, or worked with, 5000 or 6000 people in the mining and resources sector. I’ve worked in FIFO and residential site roles and worked in the cities and towns in support roles. What..

Don’t fall victim to a recruitment scam

It is an unfortunate fact of life that in any community, in any industry, there are individuals on the periphery looking for ways to make a quick dollar with minimal effort. During the boom in the mining industry there were people who took advantage of people wanting a start and, more recently, there are reports..

Don’t burn your bridges in the mining industry

During the boom years, there were people in the mining industry who left jobs for varying reasons. Some people didn’t even take the opportunity when offered; they failed to attend scheduled pre-employment medicals, inductions or interviews without any notification. Some even failed to check-in for flights after having completed all pre-employment requirements and having signed..

When should you start training for a job in mining?

After a recent blog post about what you need to know for your first time on site, we received several queries about when was the best time to start training. There is no straightforward answer to this question, as everyone has a different ‘ideal role’ in mind, individual’s circumstances differ, and the pre-requisite requirements of..

What you need to know when you start a job in mining

You’ve signed the paperwork and you have a start date, but it’s your first time heading to a mine site. What do you need to know before you leave? And, for that matter, when you get there? What will it be like on site? What will you need? What should you take? We’ve compiled a..

Make sure your application displays your attributes.

In late January an announcement was made about a new iron ore  project in the Pilbara region of WA that would create up to 3000 jobs during construction and some 900 jobs when in operation. On the back of FMG’s announcement to develop the Eliwana deposit in December and with the Mineral Resources Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum..

What hot cross buns can teach you about a job in mining.

Does anyone else get annoyed when Christmas decorations go up in September? Or when hot cross buns and Easter eggs are in shops before those decorations have even come down? It seems retailers have this belief that shoppers want to purchase for these celebrations months in advance, when in reality all merchants really want is..

What attracts people to the mining industry?

What attracts people to the mining industry? Centuries ago the lure of gold drove people to travel vast distances, often to new countries, in the hope of discovering a fortune. In Australia, the early prospectors arrived from Europe, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, China and North America in the thousands. Many left families back home, some..

What does 2017 hold for mining and for job seekers?

At the beginning of each year, financial wizards, stockbrokers, banks and financial advisers all forecast their predictions for the year ahead. While none of us at Minedex proclaim to be any of the above, we’ve decided to gaze into the crystal ball with a list of predictions. Below we’ve added our 2017 year end predictions..

What the commodities markets are telling us about 2017

What the commodities markets are telling us about 2017 I have written a lot about the mining industry being cyclical, and having experienced several downturns now in my career, the one that has just occurred is by far the longest and most severe I can recall. But everyone seems to forget that neither a boom..

Do you have skills that cross over between industries?

We don’t know how many time we have heard “I want to drive a dump truck” from someone wanting to get into the mining industry. Have you ever thought about how the skills you currently have working in roles outside of the mining industry match up with roles in the mining industry? They’re called “transferable..

A good network can change your life. Here’s how.

Why having a good network is a career-boosting idea. There’s a reason so much is written — both online and in career books — about the importance of having a good professional and social network. It can change your life. Networking is about building relationships and friendships that can be beneficial — whether to you,..

Where to look for mining jobs on social media.

Where to look for mining jobs on social media In our ebooks we talk about using LinkedIn to search for potential hiring managers, but what about other social media platforms? Are you following companies you want to work for on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram? Which are the best sites for jobseekers? Companies will be..

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