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Will mining’s jobs bonanza open up entry-level opportunities?

Mining is on the up, but will there be jobs for everyone? In the past few weeks there have been several articles about wages returning to levels not seen since the boom, with companies engaged in bidding wars for key skills and predictions of a choke point in a few years’ time for several professions…

What is the starting salary for an unskilled mineworker?

What is a fair wage for an unskilled mining worker? Before we look at what an entry-level employee could receive, let’s go back a step and look at the salaries of people with between six months and two years’ Australian mining industry experience. First, it’s worth noting that these salaries vary depending on: The commodity..

Is a quiet boom underway already?

The industry is on the up and up, with the ‘b’ word beginning to appear in articles in papers in WA and QLD. The number of roles being advertised on websites like SEEK is increasing. Mining and resources are leading this job growth, with the sector recording the highest job growth across all sectors 14..

Why are all the mining minerals in Western Australia?

From gold, nickel and copper to lithium and rare pink diamonds, Western Australia is home to an eclectic mix of minerals. The geology of Western Australia represents 4.4 billion years of the Earth’s history and has a richness of mineral deposits unlike anywhere else in the world. WA is home to some of the planet’s..

Is the mining industry growing or just recovering?

There are many positive stories in the press about the mining industry at the moment. We have places such as Kalgoorlie crying out for more skilled people. There is talk of the billion-dollar Oakajee port and rail project plans being revived. And there are millions of dollars worth of funding being offered to companies and..

Mining jobs: are there opportunities for overseas workers right now?

News that the Australian mining industry is gaining momentum thanks to several construction projects and is experiencing a labour shortage has hit the international media. Consequently, we are hearing from more people from outside of Australia looking for work, including more comments appearing on social media asking about the possibility of working in Australia. However,..

Is this why you’re missing out on mining jobs?

Recently I was asked why it is still difficult to get a start in the mining industry, despite all the recent articles about a shortage of people. This particular person lived in a capital city not usually known as a FIFO hub, was applying for roles that requested experience and was using the resume that..

How to get a leg up in your mining career: Study

Have you considered going back to study? Intakes in mining university courses have dropped considerably in the last few years, with graduate numbers predicted to be at all-time lows in 2020. There has also been a decline in apprenticeship numbers in recent years. Yet the state of the industry is continuing to improve — mining..

How to deal with a bad supervisor in a mining job

A lot of what we do here at Minedex is keeping you up to date with the information you need about getting your start in the mining industry. With the industry gaining momentum, let’s take a look at the difficult situation – once you have landed a job – of working with a bad supervisor…

What does the mining jobs boom mean for entry-level candidates?

The SEEK report came out a few weeks ago reporting a 34% growth in mining, resources and energy job advertisements in the 12 months to May 2018. Exactly where are these roles, and what will this growth mean for those looking to get a start in the industry? The Role Growth chart in this article..

Why you should move to Kalgoorlie for a mining job

What could I earn in Kalgoorlie? This is always a “how long is a piece of string” question. While the daily or hourly rates are good, the hours need to really add up to hit the six-figure salary listed above. Consider that as of May 2018, the pay rate for a Driller’s Offsider is approximately..

Excuses, lies and failures: How NOT to win the job

With more than 30 years of recruitment experience between us, there aren’t too many excuses we haven’t heard from applicants who failed part of the recruitment process. Whether it be a failed drug and alcohol screening, failure to disclose something, or an excuse as to why someone was dismissed, we’ve heard them all. Here’s how,..

Old mining jobs and how they’ve changed (for the better)

It’s only 125 years since gold was first discovered in WA. It was the birth of an industry that defined the state. And, just like the state, the mining industry itself has changed a lot since then. In those early days, “mining” meant sorting through the dirt to find gold — or panning using water..

Mining in Australia: Is there a future for coal?

With Rio Tinto announcing the sale of its last Australian-based coal mine recently, is coal mining in Australia coming to an end? Globally, coal consumption is in decline – but only slightly. Coal has been used as a significant heat and energy source since the industrial revolution in the 1800s. It was the only fossil..

Should I do a dump truck training course?

“Should I do a dump truck driver’s training course?” It is one of the most common questions from people wanting to get a start in the mining and resources industry during boom periods. It seemed straightforward enough: a two-day course, a few applications and voila – a FIFO job earning a six-figure salary was yours!..

Workplace health and safety: a help or a hindrance?

In the mining and resources sector, safety management has been in place since the days of taking a caged canary into an underground coal mine. The theory was, if the canary dropped dead, it was time to get out. The canary was in fact a carbon monoxide detector. Of course, these days animal rights groups..

Are mining industry traineeships the bee’s-knees?

For any mining company taking on a trainee comes with a level of risk. These risks need to be considered by both the company and the individual before a traineeship is offered and accepted. The challenges for mining companies offering traineeships Generally, the return on investment from a traineeship can be realised in a few..

What are the entry-level mining jobs of the 21st century?

Historically, entry-level jobs in mining have been the roles that are labour-intensive or repetitive or require minimal (if any) qualifications. As sites move towards automating more of these kinds of roles, what does that mean for entry-level people? Rio Tinto recently announced its autonomous fleet had hit the one-billionth tonne of material moved in the..

How safe is working in the mining industry?

Mining presents a number of challenges for companies. From the heat, dust and equipment through to safe storage of food and ensuring cleanliness of common areas. Hazards are present in our every day. Uneven footpaths, wet surfaces, people not looking where they are going while texting, objects on roadways: the list is endless. On a..

How 2017 wrapped up for the Australian mining industry

This is our last blog for the year. It has been a massive 12 months for us here at Minedex. We’ve updated details on 45 mine sites in Australia, responded to 420 emails, posted some 460 entry-level roles and written 25 blogs for you. We’ve had a few enquiries over the year from members wanting..

Your job application: from submission to starting work

You’ve found a role you want to apply for. What happens next? We wanted to demystify the application process for mining jobs in Australia. Not every company treats this process exactly the same, but these are some of the common stages you are likely to encounter and what to expect at each stage. Applying for..

Don’t make these job application and interview mistakes

In my 15 years in mining industry recruitment, I’ve seen some appalling job applications. I’ve also completed many interviews where I’ve wondered if the person actually wanted a job, let alone the one they applied for. I’ve had referees hang up on me rather than give a reference. And I’ve seen so many people who..

What to do when you land your dream mining job

Why do you want a job in mining? For many of the people who send us emails, the answer to this question is about the money on offer. We’re not saying this is not a good reason; however, if money is the only reason you want a job in the mining industry, then you definitely..

Going for a mining job? Your attitude matters

What if Recruiters and Hiring Managers decided to start publicly reviewing and commenting on the poor behaviour of jobseekers? After all, it’s the kind of thing employees and jobseekers do to companies all the time. SEEK, Indeed, Google and other similar sites allow for feedback to be posted online about companies. On SEEK, jobseekers can..

4 mining jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

We’ve scoured the web to find roles that exist now, that didn’t 10 years ago. The internet, social media, robotics and automation have led to the creation of jobs, the purposes of which are still misunderstood by many. When social media came into existence in the late 1990s, few could have predicted the rise in..

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