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How 2017 wrapped up for the Australian mining industry

How 2017 wrapped up for the Australian mining industry < >

  • December 21, 2017 | 1:44 am
  • Mining Employment,Mining Facts and Stats

This is our last blog for the year. It has been a massive 12 months for us here at Minedex. We’ve updated details on 45 mine sites in Australia, responded to 420 emails, posted some 460 entry-level roles and written 25 blogs for you.

We’ve had a few enquiries over the year from members wanting to know if they can be considered for roles in Australian mining. Others have wanted more specific advice on getting a start in the resources sector. It is likely others have similar queries, so we’ve written an end of year blog to answer the common questions our members have had.

Can I get a job and move to Australia?

As this article explains, 68 per cent of Australia’s migration in 2014/15 came from skilled migrants. Migration levels vary and are set to meet the social and economic needs of Australia. In recent years there have been changes to the economic needs of Australia with the downturn in the mining industry. This in turn has influenced the skills Australian businesses require. This list is updated regularly. Here is the most recent list.

According to the 2017 AusIMM Professional Employment Survey Report, some of the occupations on this list still have higher unemployment rates than the Australian national unemployment rate. It is likely companies won’t have to recruit or sponsor individuals from overseas for some time yet.

The other 32 per cent of migrants in 2014/15 came from family stream visas. There are a number of options available. For more information on moving to Australia, please check out the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

How can I get a start in mining in Australia?

All the information provided on our website has been written by the Minedex team, with a combined 75 years’ experience in site-based and recruitment roles. We regularly review this to ensure it’s relevant for the current market, and provide additional information, tips and content in our blogs.

Reading through this, learning about the industry and being prepared to put in a fair amount of effort are all required to get a start in mining. We’ve all heard stories of how easy it was for some, but in reality these stories are few and far between, and even less so in more recent times. Our top tips are in this blog from earlier this year: What are you doing to get a job in mining?

For those looking for a complete new start in 2018, reread this blog from September about the best mining towns for entry-level roles. By all accounts, many of these towns are still seeking labour.

When will the boom return?

We’ve written a bit this year about the improvements we’ve observed in the job market, new mine sites, old mines reopening and the industry in general. We’ve posted articles to Facebook routinely letting people know of jobs, and general good news stories. Here are the latest few we found in our hometown papers this week.

The jobs boom is for real.

WA Miners on new recruiting drive.

If you want to stay connected with us, join us here on Facebook.

2017 Prediction Updates

Early this year the Minedex team (Brad, Shane and I) posted some predictions for the end of 2017. Technically it’s not the end of the year yet; however, as we are all heading off on leave today, we tallied our scores to 20 December ‘end of trade’ numbers.

What does all this mean?

Our predictions are in no means market predictors or financial advice and were meant as a bit of fun. What they show is even the most experienced mining personnel aren’t market experts. However, with being closest on three of the five commodity prices, and two of the five share prices, I am taking bragging rights for the next 12 months.

What will the price be end of 2017? Shane Brad Gail 20/12/2017
Gold Price / $US / ounce $1,292.00 $1,325.00 $1,400.00 $1267.00
Iron Ore Price /$US / tonne $93.00  $75.00 $68.00 $ 70.40
Copper price / $US / pound $2.80 $3.05 $3.25 $3.15
Crude Oil / $US / bbl  $55.50 $62.00 $58.00 $57.74
Silver / $US / ounce $13.00 $16.50 $15.00 $16.16
Company Share Price        
BHP ($AUS) $31.00 $24.00 $27.50 $28.44
RIO ($AUS) $72.00 $58.00 $55.00 $72.97
Glencore (£GBS) £290.00 £288.00 £260.00 £368.25
Evolution ($AUS) $2.50 $2.35 $3.20 $2.53
Northern Star ($AUS) $2.75 $3.75 $4.10 $5.92
Will Donald Trump still be President of USA? Yes Yes Yes Y
Will Malcolm Turnbull still be Prime Minister of Australia? Yes Yes No Y
Will Western Australia have introduced a $5 / tonne resources tax on iron ore? No No No N


We’re looking forward to 2018. With our daily jobs becoming busier and Minedex gaining momentum, it’s going to be a busy year for us all.

We will still be here answering your emails and creating great content.

Thanks for being on our journey so far. If there is anything in particular you want us to write about next year, drop us a note. In the meantime, stay safe over the festive season, and good luck on getting that start in 2018.