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Entry level Mining
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Where to start with your mining career


The Opportunity

The mining industry is picking up again after a large downturn. It remains an attractive industry for people like you to earn a well above average income, if, you are prepared to organise your efforts, potentially relocate to a remote mining town and work hard.

The Problem

Many mining companies need people with specific experience or qualifications. Despite this, a lot of people with none of these things try to get a start. They often get bad advice, waste a lot of time and money and experience frustration when their efforts fail.

The Minedex Solution

Minedex keeps it simple. It is all you need to know about mining and offers low cost access to information, products, advice and services. This will help you work out if mining really is for you, which jobs might suit you and then help you focus your search in the right places to improve your chances.

As we continue to develop Minedex, we welcome feedback and ideas as to how we can do this better.

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